Update issue fix(V312 to v320)

We are sorry for the issue who has already updated the site from v312 to v320.
if you fetch 500 or any other issue on the home page please follow the below step to fix it.

Method 1:

  • Download this Envato.
  • Extract file
  • Then import "fix v312 to v320" to the existing site database from "update/update v312 to v320" https://prnt.sc/r93z5x
  • Done.

Method 2:

Method 3:

  • Copy below code

ALTER TABLE `slider` ADD `action_type` VARCHAR(250) NULL AFTER `publication`, ADD `action_btn_text` VARCHAR(250) NULL DEFAULT 'Watch Now' AFTER `action_type`, ADD `action_id` INT(50) NULL AFTER `action_btn_text`, ADD `action_url` TEXT NULL AFTER `action_id`, ADD `order` INT NULL DEFAULT '1' AFTER `action_url`;

  • Then login  phpMyAdmin
  • Then select site database
  • go to SQL and paste code and click go.
  • Done

If you fetch issue further then create a ticket here: http://desk.spagreen.net/admin/

Best Regards,  

SpaGreen Team

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