Change Log | OXOO - Android Live TV & Movie Portal App

08 October 2020 V1.2.8

Update => Added WebView in Terms condition dialog.

Fix => Facebook Audience Network issue fix .
Fix => Stripe issue fix .
Fix => Some other Known bug fix.

10 September 2020 V1.2.7

Movie/Series limit issue fixes(Admin Panel only).

09 September 2020 V1.2.7

Update => Account security update.
Update => Profile API changed.
Update => Added profile set password option for firebase auth user.
Update => Firebase auth policy updated.

Fix => Image uploading bug fixed.
Fix => Update profile bug fixed.
Fix => Genre mixing bug fixed.
Fix => Country mixing bug fixed.

31 July 2020 V1.2.6

Update => Episode layout changed.

Fix => ChromeCast bug fixes.
Fix => Comment bug fixes.
Fix => Remove ads for paid users.
Fix => Some other minor bugs fixes.

21 June 2020 V1.2.5

Fix => Firebase auth issue fixes.
Fix => Fews minor bug fixes.

18 May 2020 V1.2.4

Fix => Updater issue fixes.
Fix => trail issue fixes.

Note => if you have already updated to v1.2.4 then we recommanded to update again by latest code from codecanyon.

17 May 2020 V1.2.4

New => Razorpay Payment gateway.
New => Paypal enaable/disable function.
New => Stripe enaable/disable function.
New => RTL support.

Fix => Profile update with phone no.
Fix => Account deactivation bug fix.
Fix => StartApp issue fix.
Fix => Remove/delete downloaded file.
Fix => Non subscribers download enable control feature.
Fix => Trial function issue fixes.
Fix => Screen auto rotation fix.
Fix => All others know bug fixes.

08 April 2020 V1.2.3

Update => External player enable/disable feature added.
Update => TVSeries Subtitle support.
Update => Popup notification removed from app.
Update => Summernote added for terms text(admin panel).
Update => User list order changes to Desending(admin panel).

Fix => Facebook login & others auth related issue fixes. Fix => Fullscreen embed video fixes. Fix => App crash issue fixes. Fix => Signup with email fixes(must have configured email before signup/password reset). Fix => Search UI related issue fixes. Fix => Notification crash issue resolved. Fix => App Subtitle related all issue fixes. Fix => Pagination issue fixes(Admin panel). Fix => Terms URL issue fixes. Fix => Fixes all major and minor bugs.

25 March 2020 V1.2.2

file update(application/config/routes.php) - for new installation

24 March 2020 V1.2.2

Fix => App crash issues fixes.
Fix => API complexity resolved.
Fix => In app download issue fixes. Fix => Search issue fixes. Fix => All Known bugs fixes.

19 March 2020 V1.2.1

Fix => v114 support issue
Fix => YouTube autoplay configuration
Fix => Compile issue fixes
Fix => Some known bugs Update => Minor UI changes

17 March 2020 V1.2.0

New => Subscription/Membership System with Trail Option.
New => PayPal & Stripe Payment Gateway.
New => Custom Price Plan & Validity.
New => Free & Paid Content Features.
New => Full REST API with 2 layered Authentication added.
New => In-App Update And Force Update.
New => In-App Download feature added.
New => Custom Order for (video, season, episode).
New => Volume Slider added(to player).
New => Aspect Ratio Button added(to player).
New => External Player Button added(to player).
New => Advance Search Filter Added.
New => Latest TV channel included with slider.
New => Pagination added for user(Admin panel).
New => User search option added(Admin panel).
New => StartApp Ads Network added. Update => Performance Improvements. Update => API Security Policy Improvements. Update => Some UI. Update => Custom slider click action added. Update => Custom order added on the image slider. Fix => Server CPU Overloading issue Fixes. Fix => Fix Fullscreen Issue. Fix => Memory Leaks Fixes. Fix => Reset Password' UI Overlapping Issues.
Fix => Play/Pause Issue Fixes. Fix => All known Bug Fixes.

31 January 2020 V1.1.4

New => Facebook Audience Network Added.
Update => Youtube autoplay enable/disable from config
Fix => some known bugs.

12 January 2020 V1.1.3

Fix=> 404 (.htaccess file included with admin panel).
Fix=> API key validation issue.
Fix=> some known bugs.
Update=> performance improvement.

27 November 2019 V1.1.2

New => Notification large image added.
New => Live TV notification added.
Fixed => Some notification issue.
Fixed => Signup issue for Android 5.x.
Fixed => Signin issue for Android 5.x.
Fixed => Password reset issue for.
Fixed => some known issue.

18 September 2019 V1.1.1

Update => Embed video return inside app.

Fixed => Latest movies issue fixed.
Fixed => Navigation configuration issue fixed.
Fixed => Program guide configuration issue fixed.
Fixed => Genre configuration issue fixed.
Fixed => Country configuration issue fixed.
Fixed => Mandatory-login configuration issue fixed.
Fixed => Few known bug fixed.

15 September 2019 V1.1.0

New => google chromecast added.
New => two navigation drawer style(grid,vertical).
New => navigation drawer style switch from control panel.
New => tv channels program guide added.
New => tv channels program guide enable/disable from control panel.
New => full gdpr support.
New => account deactivation features added.
New => account photo support.
New => mandatory login added.
New => mandatory login enable/disable from control panel.
New => dark mode enable from navigation.
New => cast and crew image visible bellow movie/tv series description.
New => search result included movie, tv-series and tv channels.
New => genre added on home screen.
New => show/hide genre from home screen by control panel.
New => country added on home screen.
New => show/hide country from home screen by control panel.
New => episode thumbnail added.
New => app sharing option added.
New => download option added to player.

Update => UI improvement.
Update => movie notification with custom title and message.
Update => notification icon.
Update => resolution and size added to download option.
Update => Player UI updated.
Update => Ebed video play by external browser.

Fix => all major and minor bug fixed.
Fix => related movie appearing issue fixed.
Fix => login, sign-up issue for all devise.
Fix => large comments issue fixed.

09 August 2019 V1.0.7

Fix* release date issue (admin panel)
Fix* known bugs

27 June 2019 V1.0.6

Fix* some known bugs
Fix* related movie issue
Update* api security policy
Update* app performance

02 June 2019 V1.0.5

Fix* download option for admin panel
Fix* android white screen issue(updated from v1.0.2 -> v1.0.3 -> v1.0.4)
Update app performance

28 May 2019 V1.0.4

Update* admob id from admin panel
Update* UI/UX
Update* app performance
Fix* all major & minor bugs incluing app crash issue

26 May 2019 V1.0.3

New* download option
New* fullscreen support for embed video
New* subtitle support
 New* youtube live support
New* light/dark version
New* google analytics enabled
New* android tv support**
Update* admob configaration from admin panel
 Update* app performance
Update* increase default limit to 15(tv, movie,tv-series)
Update* UI/UX
Update* exoplayer controls bar
Fix* notification issue
Fix* slider issue
Fix* app crash issue
Fix* major admin panel issue
Fix* all major & minor bugs

17 April 2019 V1.0.2

New* Exoplayer integrated
New* rtmp support for tv channel
New* youtube fullscreen support
Update* app performance
Update* UX
Fix* seasons & episodes visibility
Fix* app crash issue
Fix* admin panel issue
Fix* abnormal activity while unsupported file/URL
Fix* all major & minor bugs

08 April 2019 v101

New* mkv support
New* single click updater included(admin panel)
Update* increase default limit to 15(tv, movie,tv-series)
Update* app performance
Fix* autoclose after playback finish
Fix* navigation translation issue
Fix* few major and minor bugs

02 April 2019 v100

* initial realeased

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