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12 October 2020 V3.2.6

New* OXOO V127, V128 support.

21 June 2020 V3.2.5

New* OXOO V125 support.

Fix* Login issue fixes.
Fix* Few minor bugs fixes.

18 May 2020 V3.2.4

New* Razorpay payment gateway.
New* OXOO V124 support.
New* Payment gateway enable/disable function.

Fix* Search result image issue fixes.
Fix* Favorite remove issue.
Fix* Google login issue fixes.
Fix* pagination button issue fixed.

06 April 2020 V3.2.3

Fix* API Issue fixes.
Fix* Notification issue fixes.
Fix* Language issue fixes
Fix* Pagination issues fixes
Fix* All minor bug fixes.

25 March 2020 V3.2.2

New* Android(OXOO) v122 support.

20 March 2020 V3.2.1

New* Android(OXOO) v120, v121 support.

Fix* Android(OXOO) v114 support issue.
Fix* Account deactivation GDPR issue(Android). Fix* Some Know bugs.

29 February 2020 V3.2.0

New* subscription/membership System with Trail Option.
New* PayPal & Stripe Payment Gateway.
New* Custom Price Plan & Validity.
New* Free & Paid Content Features.
New* Latest TV channel included with slider.
New* Full REST API with 2 layered Authentication added(For upcoming Android V1.2.0).

Update* Some UI.
Update* API for OXOO v1.1.4
Update* Custom slider click action added.
Update* Custom order added on the image slider.
Update* Security & performance improvement.

Fix* Landing page logo issue.
Fix* Season & episode order issue.
Fix* Some know bugs.

02 January 2020 V3.1.2

Fix* language phrase update issue.
Fix* live tv category slug issue.
Fix* tv-series order issue.
Fix* all known bugs.

13 December 2019 V3.1.1

Fix* All update issue(v306 to v310).
Fix* video play issue(Tv,Tv-show,Movie).
Fix* Episode add issue.

10 December 2019 V3.1.0

New* OXOO(Android App)v1.1.2 support.
New* Translation with multilingual.
New* TMDb API included.
New* Google recaptcha added.
New* AZ list added.
New* Disqus comment added.
New* MKV(except duel audio) file support added.
New* Chromecast added.
New* Custom timezone.
New* Custom season & episode order.
New* Custom order for video source.
New* Custom label for video source.
New* Multi-Theme support(Theme upcoming).

Update* Sitemap switch to local xml file.
Update* Episode edit option.
Update* Notification.
Update* Purchase code hidden from admin panel.

Remove* Local comment form web.

Fix* all known bug fix.

19 September 2019 V3.0.6

New* OXOO(Android App) v1.1.0 & v1.1.1 support.

15 June 2019 V3.0.5

New* OXOO v105,v106 support(android)
Fix* release date issue

28 May 2019 V3.0.4

New* OXOO v104 support(android)
Fix* notification issue

5 April 2019 V3.0.3

New* android api ready(no need anything to integrate android)
New* single click updater
Fix* download issue
Fix* some major & minor bug

10 March 2019 V3.0.2

Fix* Home page broken link
Fix* slider broken link
Fix* cron newslater issue
Fix* scrapper star image issue
Fix* post category slug issue
Fix* movie/tvseries edit issue

04 February 2019 V3.0.1

Fix* home page tv-series not appearing while live-tv unpublished
Fix* landing page image background issue
Fix* landing page btn-color issue
Fix* front-end header menu admin URL
Fix* push notification issue
Fix* wish list remove issue
Fix* hls/m3u8 playing issue for movie/tv-series
Fix* og URL issue
Fix* error handling for watch page
Fix* mixed content issue for SSL
Fix* SEO title issue for tv-series
Fix* few minor bugs

01 February 2019 V3.0

New* landing page.
New* category base tv channel.
New* Advance SEO.
New* push notification(one-signal).
New* copyright & policy segment.
New* subtitle support for tv-series.
New* movie report.
New* movie request.
New* stars photo enable/disable.
New* menu add,remove(country,genre,release).
New* twiter card.
Update* front-end UI.
Update* home page content arrangement.
Update* home slider to owl-carousel.
Update* admin dashboard to bootstrap4.
Update* important security.
Update* email newsletter by cron.
Update* download stars image by cron.
Fix* movie scrapper slower issue.
Fix* create/update movie/tv-series page slower issue.
Fix* actor page slower issue.
Fix* ads setting issue.
Fix* open-graph issue.
Fix* year/release page pagination.
Fix* Minor bug.
Remove* mkv & flv support

21 December 2018 V2.5.7

Fix* Movie Scrapper Slower Issue.
Fix* Opengraph issue.
Fix* Minor bug.

7 November 2018 V2.5.6

Fix* minor bug.
Update* basic site security.
Update* improved performance.

18 September 18 V2.5.5

Fix* search url issue of tv-series.
Fix* mkv file upload issue .
Update* updated to CodeIgniter 3.1.9
Update* improved performance.

11 August 2018 V2.5.4

Fix* important bugs.
Fix* database crash issue for PHP7.
Update* website security.
Update* improved performance.
Update* seo improvement

27 July 2018 V2.5.3

Fix* minor bugs.
Fix* social share issue.
Update* episodes separate by seasons.
Update* change server button position on watch page.
Update* improved performance.
Update* open graph tag added.
Update* seo improvement.

22 June 2018 V2.5.2

Fix* installation issue.
Fix* star page bugs.

31 May 2018 V2.5.1

Fix* movie scrapper issue.
Fix* minor bugs.
Fix* login page issue.

18 May 2018 V2.5

New* live tv streaming.
New* Light dark version ui.
New* Subtitle.
New* instant search with auto-complete.
New* search engine with pagination.
New* tube skin for movie/tv player.
New* player watermark.
New* player share.
New* player volume remember.
New* player seek button.
New* player playback rate.
New* amazing ui.
New* 5 header template.
New* 5 footer template.
New* lazy image loading.
New* hls/m3u8 support.
New* mp4 from url support.
New* mkv from url support.
New* webm from url support.
New* flv from url support.
New* m3u8 from url support.
New* movie/tv-series search on admin dashboard.
Update* video player to videojs-6.
Update* search engine improvement.
Update* documentation.
Fixed* major & minor bugs.
Fixed* genre issue.
Fixed* country issue.
Fixed* search issue.
Fixed* trailer on details section.

V2.4 Drop

V2.3 Drop

29 March 2018 – V2.2

Fixed* home-page url issue.
Fixed* download link issue.
Fixed* movie description issue.

27 February 2018 – V2.2

Fixed* thumbnail image issue of front-end.
Fixed* minor bugs.
SEO Improvement.

15 February 2018 – V2.1

Fixed* movie pagination.
Fixed* thumbnail image fetching issue.

30 January 2018

Fixed* Login issue for PHP 5.x.
Fixed* Ads/banner position.

23 January 2018 – V2.0

New* upload video to local server.
New* tv-series  support with unlimited seasons & episodes.
New* intrigate videoJS player.
New* upload video supported format mp4/webm/flv/mkv.
New* video supported from youtube.
New* video supported from mp4 url.
New* video supported from google drive.
New* video supported from vimeo.
New* video supported from amazone s3.
New* video supported from all embed URL.
New* create dynamic sitemap.xml file for seo.
New* comments management for admin.
New* comments method switch to ovoo/facebook/disable for movie/tv-series.
New* comments method switch to ovoo/facebook/disable for post.
New* import movie from tmdb.
New* auto import tv-series from tmdb.
New* auto import actor/director/writer from tmdb.
New* user can add movie/tv-series to wish-list.
New* user can add movie/tv-series to favorite.
Updated* to codeigniter 3.1.7
Updated* poster/thumbnail save to local server.
Updated* multiple genre support.
Updated* multiple country support.
Updated* tv-series enable/disable.
Updated* tv-series to menu enable/disable.
Updated* blog enable/disable.
Updated* blog to menu enable/disable.
Updated* dynamic movie title.
Updated* front-end and back-end UI.
Updated* movie scrapper publish/trailler.
Removed* import movie from imdb.
Fixed* major & minor bug.
Fixed* installation issue.
Fixed* movie edit issue.
Fixed* movie title related issue. 

29 October 2017

New* Facebook & Google login
New* Video quality selection
New* Social share to post/news
New* Download enable/disable
Update* SEO improvement
Update* Social share(adthis)
Update* Documentation
Update* Watch page layout
Fix* Installation issue on php7
Fix* Pagination for movie section

11 September 2017

Fix* major & minor bug
Fix* google map on contact form
Fix* video edit option
Fix* copyright section
New* video source name
New* dynamic map address

1 September 2017

New* Multiple Home Slider(Image/Latest Movie). 
New* Unlimited video source(YouTube,daily motion,vimeo & more). 
New* Newsletter (Subscriber will get notification while new movies added). 
New* SEO Improvement
New* Movie by Year
New* Year on Navigation
Upade* Map on Contact Page
Fix* Installation Issue

24 June 2017 to 31 August 2017

Pause sale

15 June 2017

* initial realeased

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